World Wedding Guide

In the past it was very difficult to reach and buy novelties, gain information and to obtain fashionable products. However the advancements in the fields of communication and payment have made it possible to follow the new developments in the far reaches of the world via internet and even to purchase things from there. Places that we could in the past only reach after long and expensive travels by even the fastest forms of transportation now are only a “click” away thanks to the internet. However the hardships of business life, transportation difficulties and the increase of the shared web of knowledge have made people slaves of Time.

Shops at their surrounding areas and at shopping malls can give service only up to a certain time. However by internet you can now reach all visitors from all over the world without the problem of time differences.Based on this, in order to contribute to the growing Wedding Sector, the was established.

The Objective of

To increase the total sales of manufacturers and suppliers active in the Wedding Sector, help them in finding new markets, introduce all firms in the sector to the world, contribute to brand recognition, enable brides and grooms to follow the world trends in the wedding sector and to purchase their needs from one source and to share their knowledge.

Basically we operate as B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers). The portal content is free for the visitor to browse without the requirement to sign up or pay any fees. In terms of B2B, we are trying to introduce the manufacturers and suppliers in our country to the world in order to obtain new customers both nationally and internationally. We also aim to contribute to the international importers by forming new job unions and by helping them to advance and become a brand.

In terms of B2C, we enable the brides and grooms to browse through the products of firms that also sell as retail besides wholesale. Our member companies may purchase the related packages and can easily upload the images of their products whereas firms that have their own websites through which they can sell from may give their links – besides their introductions – and may sell their products.

Bride and groom candidates may communicate with our portal free of charge and can gain information about our products and services from other members. When bride and groom candidates are making their wedding organizations, they can easily purchase all their needs from a single source via our member companies.

Who can benefit?

Wedding Planners, Wedding Organisers, Ceremony & Reception Venues, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Rentals, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Photographers & Videographers, Wedding Florists, Wedding Beauty & Health, Wedding Jewelry, Wedding Caterers, Wedding Favors & Gifts, Wedding Bands & DJ’s, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Limosines and many more.